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New South Wales
South Australia

The McArthur Community Care team combines over 80 years’ experience providing the highest level of services and support across Australia.

Every member of the McArthur team has an uncompromised focus on their client’s specific personal needs ensuring they have as much flexibility, choice and control over their own supports and services.

Their experience and in-depth understanding also helps ensure an easy and streamlined pathway through the NDIS process or the quick and effective allocation of funds.

Andrea Sherratt

Andrea Sherratt

Director - South Australia

With over 30 years’ experience within the South Australian care sector, Andrea brings a wealth of insight, expertise and passion to her role as Director of McArthur Community Care. Andrea has worked closely with numerous funding bodies, providing support while maintaining the highest standard of care to clients and their significant others that reside within the community and wish to remain as independent as possible.

Andrea’s focus remains on suitably matching support workers and clients in all aspects of daily living. She believes that success comes to those who connect, listen and are available during difficult times. Andrea holds a Postgraduate degree in Grief, Loss and Palliative Care Counselling from the University of Adelaide.

Kathy Carmichael

Kathy Carmichael

General Manager - Queensland

Prior to joining McArthur, Kathy had nearly 20 years direct experience within the Queensland Disability sector, making her one of the state's most experienced and respected specialists. Her numerous roles within the sector have given her an exceptional understanding of all aspects of NDIS processes and procedures.

Like all McArthur Community Care team members, she also has an uncompromised commitment to helping deliver the best possible care to all clients.

Miriana Barrie

Miriana Barrie

General Manager - New South Wales

Miriana has been leading teams for over 25 years in Federal Government and in social enterprises dedicated to disability and mental health services. Since 2015, she has overseen the transition from state-based disability block funding to the NDIS and led multidisciplinary teams providing clients with support coordination, supported employment, community services and residential services.

Throughout her career, Miriana has developed a holistic understanding of NDIS policies and practices, business and financial management and corporate governance. Her unique mix of skills, knowledge, and experience mean that Miriana is passionate about ensuring that our team, culture, and organisational capability provide the best possible support to our clients, so that they can live their best life.

Miriana holds a Master of Business through the University of NSW.