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Monday 17 Jun 2019

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I don't get along with my carer. What should I do?

There are many reasons why your current carer relationship may not be meeting your needs. It could be that you don’t see eye to eye about the goals you want to achieve, or your interests and needs have changed and no longer line up with your carer’s. Or it is more serious, as you don’t fully trust - or feel comfortable - with them.

Whatever the reason, if you think it is time to look for a new carer, here are three tips that will help:

Speak to your NDIS provider

Your first port of call should be your NDIS provider. If you have the right one, they will listen carefully when you explain what you feel. They should also ask detailed questions to work out why you feel as you do, and attempt to resolve the issues. However, if there is no way to find a resolution, it is time to turn to the next step...

Work out exactly what you want in a new carer

The key to finding the right carer fit is to clearly understand what went wrong in your current support relationship, and determine exactly what you would like from the next one.

Write down specifics detailing what you would like to achieve, for example, I want someone who is more reliable and punctual, or someone who has experience with this particular situation. Our disability carer checklist will assist here. It is also a great tool to use when interviewing new carers with your NDIS provider.

Once you are clear on all of this, contact your provider to get the interview process started.

When you get a new carer, keep in close contact with your NDIS provider

Maintaining regular contact with your provider at the beginning of a new carer relationship is crucial. This not only helps you both ‘settle in’, but can assist in smoothing out any bumps you encounter, rather than letting them fester and turn into mountains!

If you would like further assistance in working out a great alignment between yourself and a new carer, let us know. Here at McArthur Community Care, we are deeply committed to tailoring our support services to individual clients as we know that is the very best way to find a fantastic fit.