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Thursday 27 Jun 2019

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How to choose a carer that's right for you

Finding the right carer fit involves having a good synergy with your NDIS provider, as well as being clear about what you want. The following step-by-step guide will help you achieve this.

Find an excellent NDIS provider

The first part of finding the right carer involves partnering with a great NDIS provider. They play an integral role with access to large range of support professionals. This makes them the best placed to match you with the right fit.

There are numerous signs of a good NDIS provider, but a few are:

  • They spend ample time getting to know you & your support requirements
  • They provide multiple carer options
  • They commit to sticking with you throughout the entire process
  • You feel like they truly understand you & your goals

Once you have selected an NDIS provider you are comfortable with, you need to determine your wants and needs in a carer relationship.

Our disability carer checklist will assist, but we encourage you to draw on the expertise of your provider too. The more information you can collate about your desires and support needs, the easier it will be to find the best match.

Set up a carer meeting

The most efficient way to work out if a new carer is the right fit for you is to spend some time with them. An in-person meeting or phone call helps them understand what you want from the relationship, and helps you get a feel for whether you gel with them. Be sure to refer to the information you wrote down about your needs and wants so you cover all bases.

It is then up to you to choose and once again, your NDIS provider will be a great support here.

Keep in close contact with your NDIS provider

When you start a new carer relationship, it is a good idea to regularly check in with your provider to keep them up to date with whether you are happy, or if you have any concerns. Remember your NDIS provider’s main goal is to ensure you find a carer that helps you live the life you want. They should keep working at it until they do.

At McArthur Community Care, we love seeing what can be achieved when our clients find their ‘best carer fit’. It is inspiring to see not only the beautiful relationships that develop, but the smiles and growth that results when goals are reached. It is the best part of our job! 

Please get in get in touch if we can help with any part of your carer journey.