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Wednesday 5 Jun 2019

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5 signs that you are working with an NDIS provider that cares

Finding an NDIS provider that has your best interests at heart requires research. To be able to give you the best possible service, they not only need to understand your unique needs, but also properly align those with the right support system.

If you are unsure if your NDIS provider is your best fit, here are five key signs to look out for.

They get to know you before looking for a carer

It sounds like an obvious thing to do; get to know your client as well as you can - particularly when it comes to their specific care needs - before looking for a carer match. But it is surprising how often that fails to happen.

 A caring NDIS provider sits down with you, or speaks to you over the phone, to uncover:

  •     your particular likes and dislikes
  •     your personality type
  •     the kind of help you need
  •     the level of independence you would like to maintain
  •     any goals you would like to achieve

Your goals and needs are their priority

The right NDIS provider has your well-being front and centre. They intimately understand what you want to achieve with your carer (as they first took the time to discover that!), as well as what is most important in your relationship with them.

In all dealings with your NDIS provider, you should feel they are your ally, helping you succeed in attaining the goals you have set for yourself when working with your chosen carer.

They regularly keep in contact

Everyone has days where they feel like they are making progress, and others where they stagnate or take a step back. Your carer is there with you each step of the way, for all the ups and downs. But your NDIS provider should play a part in this too.

A good NDIS provider checks in regularly to make sure all is on track with you and your carer. They don’t just ‘set and forget’ the relationship. They play an active role and keep a close eye on your progress, ready to intervene if necessary.

You feel like your NDIS staff are your partners in care

The connections you make with the people at your NDIS provider should feel strong and supportive, no matter if you have short or long-term care needs.

Each contact you make should be pleasant and helpful, not leaving you feeling like you are just another number in the queue.

This is not to say that every interaction will be positive as sometimes you need to hear things that you don’t necessarily like. But overall, you should feel reassured and comfortable when speaking to the staff at your provider.

You feel like your life has improved by choosing them

The main goal of any great NDIS provider is to make a lasting and positive impact on their clients’ lives. If you feel like things have changed for the better since coming on board with your provider, chances are you picked the right one.

If your current NDIS provider has failed to show you these five signs, or you are concerned they are not your best fit, please get in touch with us at McArthur Community Care. We have been helping Australians with their individual care needs for over 50 years, giving them total choice and control when using our high quality in-home care services.